Why we swim

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We asked our Speedo fans to show us why they swim, and here are some of our favorite responses. Your love for the water continues to keep us inspired. Dive in!

Why we swim

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  • Miguel Reguera
    2013-02-02 14:56:42 UTC

    Miguel Reguera wrote: Because gliding through the water is the closest feeling to floating through space in a gravity free environment!

  • Gracen Sierra
    2013-02-27 05:00:23 UTC

    Gracen Sierra wrote: I'm guessing the true reason why we swim, is because we are just to sexy for a sport that requires clothes

  • Moustafa Askar
    2013-02-27 13:45:57 UTC

    Moustafa Askar wrote: To be a great champion like our heroes Ryan Lochte , Michael Pheleps , Nathan Adrian and every hero in the world.

  • Russ McKinley
    2013-03-03 09:32:17 UTC

    Russ McKinley wrote: Good for the heart, good for the mind, good for the peace of mind...ummmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Tina  Marina
    2013-03-03 23:32:00 UTC

    Tina Marina wrote: swimming makes me feel strong, powerful,energized and at peace. After a workout I feel like I can conquer anything. when Ryan Lochte was interviewed and he told the reporter that he loved the smell of chlorine I could relate. Every swimmer who has spent countless hours training and has a deep abiding love of the sport smiled and nodded in agreement at that moment .

  • Sunshine Steiner
    2013-03-26 17:17:37 UTC

    Sunshine Steiner wrote: To swim is like meditation, the place where all is possible. It bring energy, calmness, & balance to my day.

  • Chris Regnier
    2013-04-15 18:03:40 UTC

    Chris Regnier wrote: I swim to find who I am as a person.

  • Mary DeLuca
    2013-04-21 19:33:02 UTC

    Mary DeLuca wrote: As a stroke survivor and fibromyalgia sufferer, I find water therapy to be the best, least stressful exercise. When I get out of the pool, I feel like a new person. It helps keep my pain and blood pressure manageable.

  • Hubert Campos
    2013-05-03 17:36:53 UTC

    Hubert Campos wrote: I feel great after swimming. You leave the world, and all your problems in the water. The air tastes deferent, and your body is in a relaxed, and unreal state that is hard to achieve with any other activity.

  • Renee Kotz
    2013-07-17 18:18:42 UTC

    Renee Kotz wrote: Swimming removes the noise from the universe; it's a rest for my senses. And with my Medley Swim Beads lap counter, I can rest my mind while I exercise my body.

  • Lauren Rodriguez
    2013-07-26 02:06:23 UTC

    Lauren Rodriguez wrote: It's the one thing that can calm me down after a rough day. I can let my emotions be free at practice. I have my friends (who are more like family) there and I am confident that they will always be there for me. It's a challenge. A challenge that I accept. But mainly, i swim because life without it would be so different. All my emotions bottled up. Never being busy. Not being competitive. And not living life the swimmer way.

  • Renz Sniper
    2013-07-31 04:50:07 UTC

    Renz Sniper wrote: Makes me feel complete and reenergized!

  • Lydia Roussou Moore
    2013-08-09 17:20:39 UTC

    Lydia Roussou Moore wrote: seeing hot guys with major 6 packs with their shirts off! Not good reason enough?? Hmmm u look on the persons face when u kick the butt..!!! Lmfao ok ok I can eat and eat and not worry about weight... Thats an awesome reason!!!

  • Denene Wright
    2013-09-18 02:47:26 UTC

    Denene Wright wrote: The reason I love to swim is, it peaceful

  • Hermes Garcia
    2013-10-15 18:34:33 UTC

    Hermes Garcia wrote: Our source is the water!!!!

  • Eric Mull
    2013-10-21 05:34:48 UTC

    Eric Mull wrote: Because we are to sexy for sports that require clothes!!

  • Julia Pakkala
    2014-01-12 22:50:34 UTC

    Julia Pakkala wrote: The adrenaline you get before a race.

  • Valentino Mateus Nababan
    2014-05-17 09:42:42 UTC

    Valentino Mateus Nababan wrote: Because swim is fun, fun and funnnn.

  • Elizabeth Pratt
    2014-06-27 03:44:59 UTC

    Elizabeth Pratt wrote: I swim because I love the feeling of diving into the water early in the morning.