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It’s no secret in the swimming community that Ryan Lochte is a bonafide free spirit. Between appearing at the Golden Goggle Awards in an all-white leisure suit and posing on the podium with a blinged-out grill, Lochte makes it clear that he’s out to have a good time. In Lochte’s case, however, there’s no point in playing hard if you don’t precede it with some serious hard work. Ryan has 6 Olympic medals to his name, including 3 golds, as well as 7 NCAA championships, 51 major international medals and a handful of world records. He’s also got a pet Doberman named Carter, whom Ryan certainly considers man’s best friend.


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My Interview with Katie Couric

Posted in Behind the Scenes on Katie Couric & Ryan Lochte

While in New York for the Golden Goggles, I had the pleasure of meeting Katie Couric for an interview. It is for her show called “The Year with Katie Couric” that is going to air on December 19th on ABC.

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Life in the “Superfast” lane

Posted in Traveling on Ryan Lochte and Karl-Fredrich Scheufele

I was invited to attend the launch of Chopard’s new watch line called “Superfast” in Marbella, Spain on November 22, 2012. I had the pleasure of spending one-on-one time with the Co-President of Chopard, Karl-Fredrich Scheufele as well as Jacky Ickx, a professional racecar driver who inspired the design for the new watch line. The watch is so cool because it has elements of a racecar all around it. For example, the band on the watch resembles treads on a tire, on the side of the watch it looks l…

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Mac Crutchfield Foundation Charity Event

Posted in Community Outreach on Lochte and fans at auction

I am the spokesperson for the Mac Crutchfield Foundation and have been for 4 years now. The Foundation benefits the Special Olympics and provides scholarships to high school seniors.

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Cantor Fitzgerald Charity Day in Observance of 9/11

Posted in Community Outreach on Lochte at Cantor Fitzgerald Charity Day

I had a great opportunity today to pay tribute to those who fell victims to the tragedy of 9/11 by making my first stop in New York to the Cantor Fitzgerald Charity Day event. Cantor Fitzgerald is a bond trading firm that lost 658 employees on 9/11 at its World Trade Center office. No other employer lost more people. Cantor set up a special fund, The Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund, to provide ongoing financial assistance to the families of their lost, including spouses and children. Cantor donate…

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What’s in a Grill

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What’s up everyone? My training’s really been heating up in preparation for the big dance this summer, and I’m getting super stoked to dive in and tear it up. There’s plenty of amazing stuff to look forward to in the coming months, but the prospect of standing on the winner’s podium is getting me most amped. Not only would I get to take home a victory for the good old US of A, but – to make things even sweeter - I’d also get to debut my brand new grill!

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