What’s in a Grill

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What’s up everyone? My training’s really been heating up in preparation for the big dance this summer, and I’m getting super stoked to dive in and tear it up. There’s plenty of amazing stuff to look forward to in the coming months, but the prospect of standing on the winner’s podium is getting me most amped. Not only would I get to take home a victory for the good old US of A, but – to make things even sweeter - I’d also get to debut my brand new grill!

Don’t know what a grill is? No worries, I got you covered… check out my video.

Trust me guys, this new grill is gonna be epic. Keep your eyes peeled and wish me luck. The bling is on its way! JEAH!

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  • Sam Russell
    2012-06-28 16:50:22 UTC

    Sam Russell wrote: Ryan Michael Phelps is going to beat you are a fail swimmer. You beat him in the 400 IM but that means nothing he was not even trying. You suck dude.

  • Graham Crackers
    2012-06-29 03:24:08 UTC

    Graham Crackers wrote: Sounds like someones hurting from surprise buttsecks last night eh Sam?

  • Mary Ashton Lembo
    2012-07-01 13:52:53 UTC

    Mary Ashton Lembo wrote: Ryan, you will definitely win everything you try at. I can't wait to see you on that top podium with your new grill! Jeah boy!

  • Bt Ko
    2012-07-04 09:16:37 UTC

    Bt Ko wrote: Go Ryan! All members of my family support you!

  • Lindsey Engel
    2012-07-05 17:27:04 UTC

    Lindsey Engel wrote: We love you Ryan!!!

  • Mia Azpeitia
    2012-07-13 15:08:41 UTC

    Mia Azpeitia wrote: Jeah Jeah Jeah!!!! Proud to be a Florida Gator!

  • Lauren Erwin
    2012-08-11 17:13:10 UTC

    Lauren Erwin wrote: Go Gators! Jeah! Lochte nation!