My Last Grand Prix

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The Charlotte Grand Prix was my last Grand Prix…ever! Everything has definitely been hitting me that it’s my last, I’m just trying to take it all in and enjoy every minute.

In the Press Conference, Bob mentioned that the media in Charlotte was the same amount of media as the 2004 Olympic Trials. It’s awesome to see how much the sport of swimming has grown. I always enjoy the Charlotte meet because the venue is packed with fans. There was a long line out the door of fans waiting to get into the venue…really cool and we can hear all the cheering as we swim!

Since the meet is a month and a half before Olympic Trials, it’s a good chance to see what we need to work on and where our fitness level is at. I came in second in both races…I hate to lose but was happy with my swims. I know what I need to work on at Training Camp and I am taking steps in the right direction.

Also the meet is a good chance to wear the Speedo competition suits and get comfortable in those before Trials. In my last race, I wore the Fastskin3 Racing System - the Super Elite Jammer, the cap and the Elite goggles.

Check out some pics from the meet!


Line outside

On block



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  • Lisa Bocchino
    2012-05-19 00:40:37 UTC

    Lisa Bocchino wrote: This is a gr8 blog MP about your last journey of Grand Prix..:( Looking forward to you ROCKIN' LONDON GO MP US PHANS LOVE YOU :D:D:D

  • Miguel Reguera
    2012-05-19 02:40:57 UTC

    Miguel Reguera wrote: keep on swimming!

  • Torrin Wilson
    2012-05-20 15:23:53 UTC

    Torrin Wilson wrote: Michael im sorry to hear about this being your last grand prix :( i was just wondering how you liked the FS3 suit? i just got one but havnt used it yet.

  • Sasuke Uc
    2012-05-20 16:27:51 UTC

    Sasuke Uc wrote: Michael, i have noticed that you never use the super elite goggles, can you tell us why!?