My Interview with Katie Couric

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While in New York for the Golden Goggles, I had the pleasure of meeting Katie Couric for an interview. It is for her show called “The Year with Katie Couric” that is going to air on December 19th on ABC.

We spent about 45 minutes for the interview and actually laughed a lot in between takes. After the interview was over, she asked if she could wear all of my London medals so we could take a picture. She was very polite and thanked everyone that was there when the interview ended, which I thought was pretty cool.

I am looking forward to the show airing on December 19th at 9:30pm ET and hope that everyone will tune in!

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  • Clarence Pryor
    2012-12-18 18:32:49 UTC

    Clarence Pryor wrote: I wanna learn more from Ryan when I get the chance to meet him and one day battle him 1-on-1 to learn much and get advice on how to stay positive and become strong in my own way.

  • Connie Martinez
    2013-01-03 07:15:16 UTC

    Connie Martinez wrote: i just want you to notice me Ryan I'm a BIG fan of yours ! I have been tweeting you everyday and i just hope you can reply to me or something ! (@Conniemtz3) hopefully you see this and reply to it . I love Ryan you're my role model I hope I can someday meet you in real life! ?

  • Kimmy T
    2013-02-25 00:27:24 UTC

    Kimmy T wrote: Just letting you know Ryan, I am your biggest fan in the WHOLE WORLD! I am SO excited for your reality show!!!! Hope training is going well!!!! I want to be an Olympic breastroker and butterflier!!!! See you in Rio 2016!!!