Mac Crutchfield Foundation Charity Event

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I am the spokesperson for the Mac Crutchfield Foundation and have been for 4 years now. The Foundation benefits the Special Olympics and provides scholarships to high school seniors.

I hosted one of their charity events on September 15, 2012 which yielded the biggest turnout ever! I was joined by fellow Olympian Conor Dwyer and Paralympian Justin Zook, who were invited to attend the event as Special Guests.

We had a chance to enjoy some fun time with the family, tubing and hanging out at the beach the day before, and then spent Saturday devoting our time to the fans that came to the event.

Lochte tubing at beach

We all signed autographs for almost 4 hours and then the auction began. It was so great to see people opening up their hearts. One woman paid $500 for a t-shirt signed by all three of us! After the auction, we all headed to the beach and played a volleyball game "Olympians vs. the fans"!

Beach Volleyball at auction

It was such a wonderful day to spend with the Crutchfield family! There were about 700 people that came to the event. Final numbers are not in yet but it is estimated that the event raised close to $20,000! I really want to thank everyone for coming to support the Foundation and to Speedo for donating items to the auction that helped to contribute to the money raised for the Mac Crutchfield Foundation. Jeah!!

Mac Crutchfield Foundation event

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